Article I - Name

          The name of this non-profit organization shall be "Shooting Creek Basket Weaver's Guild."

Article II - Purpose

          The purpose is to promote and perpetuate the art of basketry by sharing knowledge and creativity of weaving among our           members, other weavers and stimulate public appreciation.

Article III - Membership

          A. Membership is open to those interested with a willingness to learn, promote, and share their skills and creativity in the art of                basketry.

          B. A member in good standing is required to pay annual dues of $15.00 by June of each year.

          C. Those seeking membership are allowed 2 visits within 3 months before joining.

          D. A member in good standing will be listed in the Membership Directory and be eligible for club mailings and convention                information.

Article IV - Dues

          A. Annual dues shall be established with the approval of two-thirds vote by the membership.

          B. Dues shall cover a period from June of one year to June of the next year.

          C. Dues are not prorated based on the month the member joins.

          D. Members whose dues are not paid by August of each year will become part of an inactive list and dropped from guild mailings,                convention information, and the membership directory.

Article V - Meetings

          Meetings will take place the second Wednesday of each month. Any change in time, place, or date will require a minimum of a           two week notice to all members. Robert's Rules of Order, Revised will be the governing rule for all meetings by members and the           board.

Article VI - Board and Officers

          A. The board, charged with the management of the guild, shall consist of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer,                communications chairman, hospitality chairman, and the past president.

          B. All board members shall be members in good standing of SCBWG.

          C. Board members will be elected by a simple majority at the May meeting for the coming fiscal year.

          D. Board members cannot serve for more than two consecutive years in the same office.

          E. Board meetings are to be held monthly.

          F. No board member shall incur any debts or pay bills of the guild except as officially approved by the board.

          G. All board members and committee chairmen shall keep a notebook with an organized file of agendas, reports, minutes, and/or                written records of their activities and responsibilities. The guild shall provide the notebook with the proper identification such as                title, year, and function.

          H. The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

           1. President:

               a. Preside at all meetings of the guild.
               b. Appoint standing and special committees.
c. Prepare an agenda for all meetings.
d. Direct and coordinate programs and activities of the guild according to the bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.

          2. Vice President/Program Chairman:

              a. Work in cooperation with the president.
b. Preside at meetings in the absence of the president.
c. Arrange monthly programs for the guild.
d. Be open to program suggestions from the membership.

          3. Secretary/Historian:

              a. Record all minutes of the guild.
b. Submit a copy of all minutes within 30 days.
c. Read minutes of the board and membership meetings.
d. Carry on the correspondence of the guild as directed by the board.
e. Act as the historian by keeping a scrapbook and organized files of the guild.

          4. Treasurer/Membership:

              a. Receive all the revenues of the association and pay all authorized bills, keeping an itemized account of all receipts and                   disbursements.
b. Obtain the required signature cards and forms from the designated financial institution for the officers qualified to sign as                   determined by the board.
c. Shall present an oral report at all meetings.
d. Shall present a written financial report to the membership at the annual meeting.
e. Keep a current file of members in good standing and an inactive file.
f. Will act as chairman of the budget committee.

          5. Member-At-Large will be the past president.

Article VII - Committees

          A. Vacancies during the term shall be filled by appointment of the board.

          B. Standing Committees:

1. Communications:
                  a. Will keep members informed of meetings, events, and convention information by email or newsletter.
                  b. Will make phone calls for those who do not have email access.
c. No more than two phone calls to each will be made.
d. Will be responsible for any news media releases.

              2. Hospitality:
                  a. Will open the meeting place.
                  b. Will be responsible for contacting hostesses for each month.
c. Will be responsible for setup and clean up.

Article VIII - Special Committees

A. Workshop: (Workshop Guidelines)

                1. Will contact prospective teachers and make necessary arrangements.

           B. Show Chairman:

               1. Will be in charge of organizing craft shows where members may sell their crafts and adhere to the financial guidelines of the                    guild.

Article IX - Amending Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended once each year provided they are recommended in writing to the Board by a member in good standing. Ten days prior to a regular meeting a copy of the proposed change will be given to each member in writing. Suggested changes will then be discussed and a two-thirds vote in favor will constitute a change to the bylaws.

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